Welcome to Flatlander Supply Co.

A big hello from the Flatlander family, sending you joy and carefully crafted handmade products from our small studio in the hills of Vermont! Flatlander Supply Co. is made up of a single craftsman and his supportive family. Every cut, stitch, and burnished edge passes through my hands. I take great pride in my craftsmanship and draw so much energy and inspiration from the creative process. To have my wallets, bags, and other designs play a supporting role in your everyday life is an honor and I hope you will get a lifetime of enjoyment and use out of them! 

As for me, I've been a maker my whole life and nothing brings me greater happiness and balance than being in my studio creating with my hands. I grew up sewing with my mother. I would sit with her by the hour observing her careful measurements and cuts, delighted over the hum of the sewing machine, fascinated by the various textures and colors of the textiles, and I would jump at each opportunity to help out. My studio and the tools I use to create are sacred space in my world. A perfect day for me begins with the sound and earthy smell of a hide of leather unfurling on my workbench and ends with the satisfaction of having created something beautiful to send out into the world. 

As Flatlander enters it 5th year of business, I am forever grateful to all of you. Our loyal customers here in Vermont and around the US and World have helped us build this company one order at a time. THANK YOU. Big love from our family to all of you! 

- Joseph