Pommer Card Sleeve

Pommer Card Sleeve

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The Pommer in Teal Calf, White, and Navy Blue

Calling all you minimalist out there looking to keep those plastic cards we all collect neatly organized and tucked safely away. It's simple, slim design allows it to share a pocket with your phone or car keys, but be aware, this style will leave your cash wad out in the cold (that said, the center pocket can comfortably hold a few bills for a rainy day). If you carry tons of cash, our vertical or bifold designs may suit you better.

Like the design but prefer different colors? Use the CUSTOM form to start the conversation. Tell us about your dream wallet and we'll get back to you!

- Dimensions: 10.3cm x 8cm (4 x 3.1")   
- Hand burnished edges  
- 4 card slots and a cash pouch (Can hold 8 - 10 cards and a small amount of cash)
- Every stitch sewn by hand for the strongest and most eye catching finished product.